Mom Hacks That Help Make #MomLife A Breeze

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Make Your Morning Coffee In A Thermos

This hack is so simple but yet has been so life changing for me! First world problems, I know. But I hate drinking cold coffee if I’m not having an iced coffee. It’s yet another reminder that between keeping up with the household and the kids, I didn’t take a moment to myself that day to even enjoy a hot cup of coffee! But having my coffee go straight from the Keurig into my thermos keeps it hot for such a long time! So even if I inevitably set my cup down to chase behind my babies I still come back to a hot cup of coffee.

Have Your Groceries Delivered

This is a hack from the pandemic that has stuck with me and has come in handy! I’m actually someone who prefers to shop for my food in person so that I can check the quality of the things that I choose to buy. But time and my rowdy children don’t always allow for that so when I’m in a pinch, getting my groceries delivered straight to my door works perfectly for me! I use the app Instacart which gives you access to a number of stores to choose from!

Maintain A General Daily Schedule

Now this is just Mom 101, I know. Our daily routines and schedules are what keep us sane from day to day when trying to keep the ship afloat with a house full of crazy kids. But with that being said, how often do we break routine or end up slacking on a general schedule? Maybe it’s just me but I fall out of routine quite often because well, with kids, sometimes you have to go with the flow. But allowing a rough couple of days to completely knock you out of your routine will definitely hurt you in the long run. So maintain a daily schedule as much as you can!

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Download A Fun Teeth Brushing App

This is a fun little hack that my husband actually found! My son had suddenly started giving us a hard time about brushing his teeth, crying every time the topic was brought up. So my husband, did some research and found out that there is a Pokémon teeth brushing app called Pokémon Smile that turns teeth brushing time into a game and rewards kids for brushing their teeth daily! My son has been excited to brush his teeth ever since.

Buy Healthy Snack Packs

So a good portion of you mamas may have already been hip to this little hack especially if your babies are school aged already. But I recently discovered healthy snack variety packs at my local grocery store that have been a great time saver! I shop at Aldi and have been picking up a ton of them for when we’re out and about and for us to have alongside our lunches! The ones I found have cheese, crackers, apples and grapes and cutdown on snack prep time tremendously! (Keep in mind that the grapes aren’t sliced so if you have a younger toddler you’ll have to prep those for them if they’re used to eating them that way for safety reasons.)

Snack Pack From Aldi

Have A Quarterly Toy And Clothes Clean Out

Do you feel like your home is being taking over by your children’s stuff? Then it’s definitely time for a clear out! I try to do these clear outs every time the season changes to make it easier on myself. And there’s just something about a new season that makes me want to start fresh! We go through all of the toys and clothes and decide what we’re keeping, donating or throwing out. And this helps to keep me from feeling over run by their things!

Find Mommy and Me Workouts On YouTube

This last hack is one of my favorites because it’s a bonding activity for you and your babies but also gets Mama a chance to workout daily which I find does wonders for your mental health! If you’re having a hard time fitting in a daily workout because you’re unable to get much free time from your kids, why not include them? There are a ton of mommy and me workouts on YouTube that have fun themes to help your kids feel included but also help you feel like you took some time for yourself that day! Some of my faves are by Pregnancy and Postpartum Tv. She has an entire playlist that I’ve linked.

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