My Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List. Pumpkin patches, fall drinks, fall decor, seasonal activities

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I’ve been looking forward to it even more since having my babies! Fall feels like the opener for the holiday season and I always get excited to start doing all the fall activities with my family! So here’s a list of all the things I hope to check off my fall bucket list this season!

Pumpkin Patch

Visiting a pumpkin patch is one of my favorite fall activities. I love enjoying the fall weather with my family and it’s the perfect place to take fall photos as well. Not to mention there are always a bunch of fun fall themed activities and food to enjoy! Me and my family are late on visiting one this year but it’s definitely a must before the season is over.

Fall Themed Crafts With The Kids

Admittedly doing arts and crafts with a 3 year old and a 9 month old isn’t the easiest but I love making those memories with my kids. The Fall season brings with it a bunch of great fall themed craft ideas. These are a few craft ideas I’ll be trying.

Bake Halloween Cookies

I can already check this off the list! I love baking cookies for the kids and the Halloween themed Pillsbury cookies were a hit! We started getting spooky around my house as soon as October 1st rolled around to be honest. Next year I really want to try to bake some from scratch but I’m taking baby steps.

Grab Some Fall Scented Candles

Is it even Fall if you haven’t set the tone with Fall scented candles? Absolutely not! I love shopping for candles (not as much as my husband does) but I do love it nonetheless! Fall scents are some of my favorites because they always make your home feel so cozy! This is definitely a must every time the season changes and I can already check this off my list as well!

Have A Spooky Movie Marathon

There are so many Halloween classics that are staples every season and I would love to binge them as a family this Fall. Granted, my toddler‘s attention span is only but so long. But I think we could get through at least two before he’d be ready to throw in the towel and run around once more.

Take The Kids On A Hayride

I absolutely love a good hayride! The scenic ride through your local farm on a nice Fall day is the perfect way to relax with you family! And if you live in the Philly area Shady Brook Farms has the best evening hayride where they take you through a Fall light show!

Mix Some Fall Themed Adult Drinks

I am far from a mixologist but I really want to try my hand at trying some fall themed cocktail recipes. My husband and I are all about having at home date nights once the kids go to bed and this sounds like such a great idea to try on one of those nights.

Fall Family Photo Shoot

The Fall is the perfect time for family photos in my opinion. Anywhere in nature makes for the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot especially with the changing of the leaves during this time. Throw in the fact that Fall fashion is the most stylish and you have a recipe for the best family photos all year! Even if you’re just taking pictures on your phone it’s definitely a must to check off your list.

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