Ten Black Mommy Bloggers and Influencers That You Need To Follow Now!

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Representation. Representation. Representation.

If 2020 has taught us nothing else it has made it crystal clear of the need to provide better support to both black creatives and black businesses. In a blogging niche dominated primarily by white bloggers and influencers, I found it important to highlight a few black mommy bloggers who are making an impact in the blogging field and representing for black creatives.

So here is my list of ten Black mommy bloggers and Influencers that you need to follow NOW!


(Instagram: Briixxany) (YouTube: Briixxany Rivera)

Brittany is one lifestyle influencer and YouTuber that you definitely need to follow and subscribe to. Her videos range anywhere from cooking to vacation vlogs and the content that she produces is always engaging and high quality! Some of her content I enjoy the most are her fashion try on hauls!

She gives in depth reviews of all the products she tries on and with featured stores such as Pretty Little Thing and Missguided, you can indulge in your favorite featured pieces without breaking the bank! She uses her platform to both inspire and motivate mamas to indulge in self-care while still taking care of their priorities at home.


(Instagram: Shay.Knox) (Bookings: Fitness Classes)

In need of some mommy fitness inspiration? Look no further than mommy influencer and fitness trainer, Shay! This boy mom is expecting her second son and hosts an Instagram page full of pregnancy safe workout ideas and delicious vegan recipes! She is also a certified fitness trainer that provides both virtual and in person training and is currently holding classes every Sunday with Wombish . So if you’re in the Philadelphia area be sure to check her out!

Shay explains that the goal of her platform is to show that “a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be picture perfect,” and projects an important message to mamas that “you don’t have to always have the goal of being “body goals” depicted by social media.” With her platform she consistently promotes the importance of both physical and mental health and how internal health overflows into every aspect of your life. Shay’s business name “HARDKNOX” is meant to showcase that “life’s hurdles are motivation, not excuses.”


(Instagram: Chebria.b) (Website: CB The Brand)

Let’s talk about breaking generational curses and generating generational wealth shall we? This mama is on a mission to help those in her community do just that! Chebria is a Mama to a beautiful little girl and her platform and business endeavors definitely scream Girl Power!

Chebria wants it to be known that through her platform she wants to represent “financially literacy and women empowerment.” She sees women making their mark on the world as leaders and wants to use her platform “to ensure that we have access to a robust and meaningful financial education.”


(Instagram: Tianiangela_) (Blog: Tiani Angela)

Everyone needs a champion for mental in their corner and this mama and mental health advocate is just what the doctor ordered. After fighting her way through a diagnosis of severe depression, Tiani has made it to the other side and uses her personal experiences to advocate for “self-care, love and mental awareness.”

This positive and down to earth blogger also frequently writes about the good, the bad and the ugly of motherhood. Tiani says that she’s “always wanted her platform to be a safe space for others” and is also looking forward to turning her passion for blogging into a full time job!


(Instagram: AuthenticallyAlex_) (Blog: Authentically Alex)

Who doesn’t love a woman of faith? Alex is just that and has used both her faith and passion to start a “faith based community for women” called The King’s Daughter. This Atlanta based mom uses her experiences as a single, working mother to turn her “pain into purpose” by sharing her everyday experiences and lessons with other mamas.

Alex says that the purpose of her platform is to “inspire moms to invest in themselves so they can show up as their best self.” She believes that when we as women “show up as our best selves we are then able to show up as better moms. Alex is also an advocate for transparent conversations within the motherhood community so that we as women can both grow and learn from one another.


(Instagram: Not_Your_Average_Muva) (YouTube: Muvahood)

Are you looking for amazing home decor and fashion inspiration? Well Aisha is definitely a Mama you need to follow! Her Instagram feed is full of great outfit inspiration and home decor ideas for every season. And she also documents her daily life and amazing garden! Check out her YouTube for videos on home decor, meal ideas and organization and decluttering.

The goal of Aisha’s platform is to “inspire diverse women by posting about [her] everyday lifestyle and interest.” This genuine and relatable influencer aims to show all aspects of her personality through the content and tips she posts on “motherhood, cooking, home decor, fashion, travel, gardening and photography.”


(Instagram: Beautifuldrea ) (Blog: Beautiful Drea) (Twitter: BeautifullDreaa)

Meet Drea! A millennial mama, entrepreneur and avid traveler whose Instagram page is full of photos of her beautiful family and their daily adventures! Her blog is full of travel tips and resort reviews, product reviews and parenting advice that any mom would find extremely useful.

The mission of Drea’s platform is to show moms that your dreams and goals for yourself don’t have to fall to the wayside just because you have children. She wants to show moms that “you can stay home with your babies and still earn an income,” that you can “travel with your kids and still have a great time.”


(Instagram: Keethemamabee) (Blog: Kee The Mama Bee)

If you’re looking for tips on anything from fitness to cooking to beauty and so much more, Kee is definitely your girl! Kee’s blog hosts plenty of content about her life as a wife, mother and entrepreneur and she even highlights other Mama entrepreneurs like herself! Follow her on Instagram to keep up with what this mama gets into on the daily basis and to catch glimpses of her adorable minis.

Kee says that the purpose of her platform is to “show moms and moms to be that they can live balanced lives as mom and professional.” She uses her platform to share with her audience, the tools and resources that she’s gathered along the way to help make the job of parenting a little less overwhelming.


(Instagram: TheTwylaAdkins) (Blog: Twyla Adkins )

Meet Twyla, a writer, project manager and Star Wars aficionado. She spends the majority of her time creating in some way and is sure to always have a book on hand.

Like many of us Twyla stepped away from her passion of writing for a while to pursue what seemed like a more predictable course in corporate America and began a successful career in IT as a project manager. But life inevitably steered her back to her passions and she began her journey as a writer once again. On her blog Twyla writes about travel, organization and planning and book reviews.


(Instagram: ThatsBriannaB) (Website: ThatsBriannaB)

A wife, mother and Lifestyle blogger, Brianna caps off our list as an influencer that you definitely need to follow. Her Instagram page is full of fashion inspiration and photos of her beautiful family. And she is sure to make it known that she is an advocate for the Black Lives Matter and Anti-Racist movements seeking equality and justice in our nation today.

This New Jersey based mom is passionate about using her platform to provide “family tips, parenting hacks, and promoting positive images of black families.”

A round of applause for Black Girls and the magic that we leave behind no matter what field of work we find ourselves in. May we learn to value Black women as much as the art and content that we create.❤️

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