Making Your Home Life An Idol

“You shall have no other gods before me.“-Exodus 20:3

There have been quite a few times in my life when I have put my relationship with God on the back burner to prioritize other things. It seems foolish to say, but it has happened so easily for me that I’d hardly notice that I was doing it until at last I’d feel spiritually depleted and would instantly know why.

When I first got married I became consumed with being the best wife. I’d constantly look up advice on how to adjust to marriage. I’d find new recipes to try, keep the house sparkling clean and try my best to make sure I was the “perfect wife“ 24/7. It got to the point that the only time I was coming to God was to pray over my marriage and my husband.

Similarly, shortly after I found out that I was pregnant with my son I prided myself on being the best mom. I read parenting articles, parenting books and researched pregnancy and child birth until I was blue in the face. My time with God only ever consisted of praying over my son and asking that he’d bless me in motherhood. That’s it!

And as I look back on these two seasons of my life, none of what I was doing was inherently wrong. God calls us to pray over our lives, marriages, parenting, and loved ones. You need spiritual guidance and discernment in these areas of life in order to truly be who God has called you to be as a wife and mother. Where I fell short was prioritizing cultivating my roles as a mother and wife over my role as a child of God. I was making my husband, child and household an idol. The very things that I have by the grace of God, I was consistently putting before him.

My personal relationship with God was dwindling because I was never coming to him as Sydney. I’d only come to him as a wife and a mother. I wasn’t reading the word to better understand God and his vision for my life, I was seeking out his word and fitting it to align to the vision I already had for myself. I acted as if my plans were higher than his plans and my thoughts, higher than his thoughts. And I leaned so heavily on my husband as my source of everything that when he fell short (because he’s human) I’d feel crushed.

So based on what I’ve learned from mistakes in the past, why is it so important to prioritize God before everything else? (Yes even before your lovely husband and sweet chubby cheeked babies).

Because ALL of my strength comes from the Lord. Yes, all of it. No matter how much I try to do things in my own strength, I will never be able to fully show up in life the same way I can with God. When I prioritize housework, time on social media, hanging with my friends, my husband , my child etc over time with God, I start to feel depleted. While all of these activities are beautiful, they require you to give of yourself in some way. But when you spend time with God and his word, you are receiving the strength that you need in order to show up fully in each and every aspect of your life.

So ultimately, is prioritizing time for your family and friends an issue? Girl, absolutely not! I pride myself on the great relationships that I have with my loved ones. It’s so important to me. But I am only able to be a good wife, mother, sister, friend etc because I regain my strength each day from the Lord. It is impossible to be who you truly are in all of your glory when you have not spent time in the glory of God.

So take the time today to ask God to show you what you are prioritizing over your time with him. Then make it a priority to change this behavior and adjust his place in your life. You won’t regret it ❤️.

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Hey, I’m Syd! I’m a proud Wife, Mama and Christian. I started this blog as a passion project. My own little corner of the internet where I could brain dump. I’d like to think of myself as equal parts Black Girl Magic and Suburban soccer mom. In other words, you can easily find me rocking my kinky-curly fro, blasting 90s R&B music on my way to enjoy some Me-Time with a Starbucks at Target. If any of that makes sense. My hope is that you’ll visit often to keep up on how I’m navigating Motherhood and that my mishaps and lessons bless you in some way.

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