My 9 Months Postpartum Update

I can not believe that I am already 9 months postpartum! It’s surreal how quickly time has passed not to mention how big my baby girl has gotten. As excited as I am to watch my daughter grow and for me to inch closer to feeling back to myself, I do wish time would slow down just a bit so that I can savor the moments with her and my son just a little longer. But unfortunately time waits for no one and in these past 9 months Myka and I have grown and evolved so much.

Myka’s Developmental Milestones

How perfect could one baby girl be? At nine months Myka has definitely come into her personality and I am living for it! From her grumpy “resting baby face” to her big beautiful smile, you can always tell how she feels about what’s happening around her.

The biggest milestones that Myka has met recently have been crawling, cruising and clapping! She’s so close to walking I can feel that it’ll be happening soon but she’s such a headstrong baby girl. She’ll take one step and then squat right down and begin crawling. But I know she’ll start walking in her own time, there’s definitely no rush.

One of my favorite things about her personality is her love for music. She will dance her heart out to any music and it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see. Plus the smile she gets when she’s dancing and enjoying herself always warms my heart.

Oh and how could I forget? She’s said her first words as well! Mama, Dada and BaBa (brother). She will yell for us all day long, especially her BaBa. They are so close already and I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops as they get older.

My Mental Health

Whew, girl! October was a rough month for me mentally. Every single thing that could go wrong, did go wrong and I felt like I was drowning! It’s just hit early November and I’m just beginning to come up for air but things are slowly working themselves out.

Postpartum wise my mental health has started to mirror my mental health when I was about 9 months postpartum with my son. Recently I’ve been extremely anxious at night and having a hard time sleeping. It’s not the same fog I felt when I was diagnosed with postpartum depression with my son where I felt like I was just going through the motions. But the unmotivated feeling is definitely familiar. My drive to do much of anything, even things I love, has been much lower than usual.

The two things that have helped me tremendously with this have been spending more time with Bible study and exercising! I’ve been starting everyday with a devotional and prayer and it has really set the tone for my day. I’ve also been trying to exercise daily which has definitely helped with making me feel more upbeat and motivated to complete other tasks.

My Body At 9 Months Postpartum

The infamous 9 months in vs 9 months out photo! Something I’ve definitely been dreading until I actually put the photos side by side and could actually appreciate the transformation.

I, like most women, have put so much pressure on myself to be “snatched ” by now that I have not taken the proper time to thank my body for sustaining me and two beautiful children. I’ve been trying so hard to have six pack abs again that I forgot how powerful my body is and has been. Looking at the photo of me being 9 months pregnant with my daughter I can not believe that only 9 months ago I was walking around like that! And not just walking, running and jumping and playing and cooking and cleaning and working!

Nine months later my body is still serving me so well as it knits itself back together! Still healing, still nourishing my daughter and lifting my 35 pound son. I’m so upset at myself that I’ve wasted so much time not loving and appreciating my body properly. But with that being said, I’m really excited with how my body is toning up and the strength I’ve regained so far!

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Hey, I’m Syd! I’m a proud Wife, Mama and Christian. I started this blog as a passion project. My own little corner of the internet where I could brain dump. I’d like to think of myself as equal parts Black Girl Magic and Suburban soccer mom. In other words, you can easily find me rocking my kinky-curly fro, blasting 90s R&B music on my way to enjoy some Me-Time with a Starbucks at Target. If any of that makes sense. My hope is that you’ll visit often to keep up on how I’m navigating Motherhood and that my mishaps and lessons bless you in some way.

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