Bedside Nursery Essentials

Building a bedside nursery. Perfect for small spaces like apartments and recommended by pediatric professionals.

The countdown to baby girl’s arrival continues and my husband and I are kicking it into high gear preparing for her to get here. One of the most exciting parts of planning for my first was getting a spare room together in our house for his nursery. (Picking out their furniture and color scheme and decorations!) But new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that now the safest place for children under 1 year of age is in their parent’s room. The recommendation goes for at least the first six months but ideally a year.

And with this new found information and my husband dying to hold onto his game room for as long as possible anyway, we decided to do a bedside nursery for our newest addition. And although there’s a lot less furniture involved for this style of nursery, there are quite a few essentials required to keep you organized and both you and baby as comfortable as possible.

Our Bedside Nursery Set Up

•Pick Your Bassinet or Infant Sleeper

Baby will definitely need a place to sleep and since a bedside nursery offers much more limited space than a traditional nursery, a big bulky crib is out of the question. This is where a bassinet or infant sleeper comes into play. There are quite a few styles to choose from but some of the most popular brands on Amazon are the Mika Mickey Bedside Sleeper, Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet and the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Infant Sleeper.

•Cart For Easy Access To Everyday Supplies

This cart is going to be a life saver and an easy way to keep the essentials for both baby girl and I, organized. This specific cart is the Simple Houseware Utility Cart but they have similar options at Michaels and Target.

Some of the essentials that I plan to store in my cart for easy accessibility are nursing pads, nipple cream, a peri bottle, Tucks Pads, disposable mesh underwear, maternity pads, diapers, wipes, haaka breast pump, my electric breast pump, a clean bottle and some breast milk storage bags.

•Rocking Chair or Glider

We are still using the rocking chair from when my son was born, 2 years ago, but I definitely view this as an essential. When I was freshly postpartum I was so uncomfortable laying down and I often fell asleep in our rocking chair. Not to mention it’s perfect for soothing a fussy newborn in the middle of the night and nursing.

•A Cubby System For Clothes Organization

Since we don’t have room to buy a dresser for baby girl, we opted for a cubby system to store her clothes. We are using the closet maid cubes and pink storage bins from Amazon.

Laundry Basket

The last thing we wanted to incorporate into our bedside nursery was a cute laundry basket for her clothes because newborns go through so many outfits in a day. We definitely need a place to throw all of her soiled clothes.

So this will be my bedside nursery setup. Simple and perfect for the amount of space that we have available. Let me know if any of you expecting mamas have similar set ups or any additional suggestions. I’d love to hear them. Just 6 more weeks until my princess is here. So excited ❤️

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