Safely Celebrating Thanksgiving During A Pandemic

How to safely celebrate Thanksgiving during a pandemic. How we are using CDC recommendations to have a safe family dinner.

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season! The time of year where there are typically tons of family events and amazing family memories made. However this year will look a lot differently given the current state of our world and how we are coping with the pandemic.

But just as we’ve done this entire year we’ll need to adapt. Holiday celebrations will look differently in order to celebrate safely but that doesn’t mean that we need to lose the holiday spirit and the spirit of Thanksgiving.

So here are ways that you and your family can safely celebrate together this Thanksgiving ….

•Avoid Travel

This is a bummer but one of the top recommendations from the CDC is to avoid travel. There is a high risk of exposure during the travel process and getting together with family members from across the country with varying community levels of Covid-19 could be an issue.

How I’m Adapting: We’ll be using Zoom, FaceTime and other video chat apps to keep in touch on Thanksgiving. Since we don’t want to risk traveling during this time (especially while I’m pregnant) we plan to still see our loved ones that are out of town by using technology. Make things even more fun and plan a game night/ happy hour. My family and I really enjoy the House Party app. It allows you to play games right on the screen while you’re on a group video chat and it makes for an eventful night.

•Host A Small Family Dinner With Family That Lives In Your Neighborhood

Now I’d be remiss not to mention that the CDC recommends that the lowest risk factor for hosting Thanksgiving dinner is to just have a small dinner with those in your household. But for this of us who want to include a few more family members within our neighborhoods, there are a few extra precautions that need to be taken.

How I’m Adapting: We’re keeping our celebration small, around 7 people. We’re making sure to screen everyone for symptoms and anyone who is feeling under the weather will have to stay home. I’m making sure to have masks and hand sanitizer on hand. And as much as we can, my family and I are making sure to socially distance. (Another, safer alternative is to host and outdoor dinner complete with a fire pit or outdoor heater to keep warm.)

•Avoid Large Gatherings and Parades

Obviously there is a high risk associated with attending events with large gatherings of people. Even if attending these parades and sporting events has become a family tradition it is best to sit them out this year and opt for watching them on television. But if you and your family are itching to get out and about before your family dinner, there are safer alternatives.

How I’m Adapting: While my family and I are most likely opting to stay in and watch events on television while cooking, visiting an orchard or pumpkin patch is a safe outdoor activity alternative to parades and sporting events. Most orchards right now are selling limited tickets for specific time slots to keep crowds at safe capacities. And the wide open space is ideal when facing larger crowds of people.

•Opt For Online Shopping Instead Of Black Friday Crowds

The CDC recommends avoiding shopping the Black Friday deals in person and opting instead for all of the great online deals. It’s safer and most likely less stressful.

How I’m Adapting: My husband and I have been opting for Cyber Monday over Black Friday for a few years now. The crowds just aren’t our thing and and the convenience of having all of our purchases dropped at our doorstep is just too good to pass up. Our favorite places to shop for online deals are Amazon, Target and Walmart. They have a bunch of great deals and a wide variety of items to choose from. (Holiday Gift Guides Coming Soon).

So that is how my family and I are navigating Thanksgiving during the pandemic. How are you and your family adapting this year? Let me know in the comments below. (Let’s also remember to all do our part to safely celebrate this year so that we can get back to our regular celebrations next year! ❤️)

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