My First Trimester Survival Guide

Welcome into the next level of motherhood; parenting while creating a freaking human!

I’m no way near into video games as much as my husband and son are but if motherhood was a video game, being pregnant while raising a toddler would have to be a level up. (I’m assuming dealing with hormonal teenagers is like the final boss or something and that absolutely terrifies me.)

Trudging through the first trimester of pregnancy was hard enough the first time around when I could lay down and nap whenever I wanted. But dealing with first trimester symptoms while chasing around a wild two year old with a new found love of superheroes and karate is a whole different animal. I have been at my wits end countless times throughout this pregnancy but I have managed to push through, just barely avoiding insanity.

In an effort to bless a Mama trying to overcome this same hurdle, I’ve put together my guide for surviving the first trimester with a toddler.


Morning sickness is the great equalizer. Whether you are a Mama that is extremely into fitness or one that uses trips down Target aisles as your cardio, nausea and Morning Sickness will put anyone down. But just like everything with womanhood, we are required to show up even when we don’t feel our best. So here are a few things that I used to help make the nausea a bit more bearable.

Water: You need to stay hydrated! Sometimes spending your day with your head in the toilet during the first trimester is unavoidable. But being dehydrated on top of being sick is a million times worse and puts even more strain on your already overworked body. (Bonus: Although quite gross, it helps your food come up easier, so it’s a bit less traumatic for you and your hubby listening on the other side of the bathroom door.)

Ginger Candy: This is admittedly not the best tasting thing in the world to me but it sure beats the alternative of having a bad taste in your mouth from getting sick. I’d eat a couple crackers and then pop a ginger candy in my mouth first thing in the morning and it really helped me get through my morning commute without incident.

Saltine Crackers: (See Ginger Candy) It’s recommended that you put something small on your stomach when you first wake up and this was my go to. I could only manage about three but they usually did the trick. And the super salty taste helped me get my water down more easily in the morning.

Sea Band: I’ll admit I was a big sceptic of these at first and I’m still not entirely sure how they work. But girl, these are magic! On the days when my nausea was the absolute worse, these offered me some much needed relief. (PS: Try your best to find a discreet way to wear them as they might be a tip off to friends and family that you’re preggo, before you’re ready to share the news. I usually hid mine with a light weight cardigan.)

Sour Candy: An alternative to ginger candy, these also help with nausea and are easy to keep on hand and pop in your mouth when you start to feel queasy. A healthier but less convenient alternative is to suck on a lemon or lime.


Who knew that such a simple concept could be an absolute game changer? Please for the love of God, put that To Do List down and recharge so that you can get through the rest of your day. Exhaustion is a common symptom of early pregnancy but couple that with keeping a toddler entertained all day and you will be a shell of your former self. All of the dishes in the sink , laundry in the chair and toys that litter the floor will be there when you get up. Give yourself the rest that you need to show up for both of your babies.


Firstly, I’d just like to say that this is the gift that keeps on giving! Because who doesn’t want a break while their kid entertains themselves for a few minutes? This was such a blessing during the first trimester because most times I was so exhausted I could barely stand upright let alone make believe I was a horse and carry my son around the house. There were a few quick activities that my son loved that I would switch out everyday but Pinterest has a ton more!

Cutting Play-dough: It sounds super simple because it is. I literally rolled up a long roll of play-dough, gave my son the knife from his toddler utensil set and let him have at it. It would keep him entertained for a while and I got a few minutes to myself, guilt free. (Toddler At Play)

Playing With Blocks: We played with blocks a lot. In fact playing with blocks and naming the color of each block is what helped with my son’s color identification. He loved building things up and knocking them down. And although it got pretty noisy at times it turned out to be both educational and pregnancy friendly.

•Color Scavenger Hunt: This game is straightforward and would keep my son entertained for forever. I simplified this game a lot by using my son’s color flash cards. I’d start by choosing a card and having him identify the color in the card. Then I’d send him into his room to find an object that matched the color on the card. My son found this game so entertaining and it was rewarding seeing how proud he was when he found the correct object. I Heart Crafty Things has a much more polished version that you can try as well.


So I obviously need to begin by advising that you consult with your physician or health care provider before doing any work out while your pregnant. But once you get the okay, make sure you treat yourself to some form of physical activity.

I dreaded exercising in the first trimester because the thought of doing anything physical when all I wanted to do was lay in bed binge watching YouTube seemed horrible. But after every workout that I mustered up the strength to do, I felt much more energized and proud of myself for taking care of my body. And a rigorous workout is not your only option. I’d do yoga, Pilates, go for a walk or just stretch. Anything you do is beneficial to your body. And YouTube has a ton of pregnancy safe workout videos to choose from. Here are some of my favorites.

Tone It Up
Tone It Up
Fit With Sally

I hope you found this guide helpful and that it makes that first trimester of pregnancy at least a bit smoother. Creating new life is tough but we as mothers are that much tougher.❤️

UPDATE: “Winging It” is now on Pinterest! Join our Pinterest community and save all of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned while navigating motherhood!

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